Illuminating love’s artistic narrative through wedding details.

Illuminating love’s artistic narrative
through wedding details.

Relics of Mona is an art-focused business dedicated to creating unique wedding details with art and love in mind. Our services range from invitations, menus, programs, and hand printed tapestries to live painting.
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Stationery packages start at $1,000
Live painting services start at $1,500
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Our mission is to create keepsakes and preserve memories through art. We believe the art of storytelling is powerful and has the ability to eternalize love.

We do things a little differently around here: stationery with character that symbolizes the bride and groom. Calligraphy with jagged edges, imperfections and curved baselines. Wedding details with texture and emotion. We’re all about dirty, messy and expressive art-making that captures the “day that lasts a lifetime.”


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Below are some sweet words from past clients describing their experience with us. Each client has been a dream and it was our privilege designing with them!


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We look for inspiration all around us. We often find it through friends, family, and art that we’ve collected from artists we admire.

Day to day tasks can be stressful and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. At the end of the day, when we wind down in a home filled with family + art that makes us happy, we feel grounded. At Relics of Mona, our favorite thing about one’s home is their gallery, consisting of art that they’ve gathered over the years. Each individual work of art tells a story and a gallery consisting of meaningful work is extraordinary.

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Our invitations include a hand-selected piece of poetry to accompany your details.
We are confident in the powerful influence of words and their ability to inspire great things. Below are some personal selections that we adore, for your reading pleasure.