Our designs can best be described as: romantic, mysterious, dark, symbolic, tranquil, visually stimulating, ethereal + moody.
If these words sound like you, fantastic. We’re glad you’re here.

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Wedding Stationery packages start at $1,000

Our wedding invitations are designed to be framed, with the artwork being your guest’s first impression upon opening an invitation. Your invitations will evoke emotion, just as fine art would.

All invitations are created using a printing method called Screen printing. What is Screen Printing?
Screen Printing is a technique where ink is transferred to a substrate by using a mesh screen. This process allows for the buildup of layers and textures, with each print slightly differing from the last! One of the oldest forms of printmaking, screen printing truly is something special. We aim to deliver invitation packages that are are artfully crafted and artfully created.
(Check out the photos above for examples of the screen printing process!)

Wedding Stationery package details:

  • Each invitation is numbered and signed as part of a custom series. Invitations are designed to be minimalist and elegant, with the artwork being the focal point of the suite.

  • Invitation printing methods can include digital printing, screen printing and carved block printing. Artistic methods are used in creating all wedding stationery services.


“In all of the world, there is no heart for me like yours,

In all of the world, there is no love for you like mine.”

— Maya Angelou


Live Painting

packages start at $1,500

It’s the day of your wedding. You’re anxious, exhilarated and full of love. Your friends and family dine with you, wine with you and celebrate your new and exciting adventure as husband and wife.

The most exciting day of your life deserves to be immortalized. Live Painting is the perfect way to preserve the special emotions and moments of your wedding day. What objects help to define who you are? Important imagery will be carefully combined to create a meaningful, beautiful work of art to display in your new home together.

Live Painting service details:

  • Each painting is based on the couple, consisting of important imagery/symbols that represents the individuals.

  • Wedding colors can be incorporated into the overall design.

  • Painting is completed during the reception, for you to take home and enjoy after your wedding day.